The Aerodrome, Breighton, Selby, North Yorkshire YO8 6DS


Membership Fees


It is currently free to join York Flying School. However anyone who wants to self hire or fly solo has to be a full flying member of The Real Aeroplane Company who run Breighton Aerodrome. This is excellent value for money (currently £70.00 per annum) as it gives free reciprocal landings at numerous other airfields


Aircraft Hire (including VAT, Per Hobbs hour or part of)


Cessna 150                           £110 Wet


Cessna 150 (Tailwheel)        £110 Wet (Sorry dual only at present)


EV-97 Eurostar                      £80 Wet


Frasca 142 Simulator            £25.00


Instructor Fees


£30.00 per hobbs hour (LAPL, PPL, NPPL, Microlight, Tailwheel, Aerobatic, Night, IMC, Simulator)


£45.00 per hobbs hour (Competency Based IR)


£45.00 per hobbs hour (FAA BFR)


No charge for pre and post flight briefings


Ground Exams


£25.00 per exam


Our rates are extremely competitive and include home landing fees, there are no additional costs or a requirement to pay in advance for any of our services.