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Private Pilot's Licence (PPL)

All in price full course cost for the PPL is £9050 at current prices. Further information below.

The Private Pilots Licence (PPL) is a valid anywhere in the world in a G registered aircraft. With additional training it also allows you to fly at night, fly on instruments, fly multi engine aircraft and perform aerobatics.

The PPL training requires a minimum of 45 hours flying time including 10 hours solo, ending with a skills test with an examiner where you will need to prove your general handling and navigation skills.

- Minimum 45 hours flight training

- Minimum 10 hours solo of which,

5 hours must be cross-country including, one cross-country of at least 150nm 80 nautical miles and during which full stop landings at 2 aerodromes different from the aerodrome of departure shall be made.

A Class 2 medical certificate is required for the initial application of a PPL(A)

There are 9 written examinations to complete and include:

- Air law

- Human Performance

- Meteorology

- Navigation

- Flight Performance and Planning

- Aircraft General

- Principles of Flight

- Communications

- Operational Procedures

Typically you will be booked training sessions in 2 hours blocks, for which you will fly for approximately one hour. You only pay for the time spent in the aircraft, your pre and post-flight briefings with your instructor are free. You can fly as often as you like but we recommend that you should aim to fly at least once a week.

The training is undertaken in our Cessna 150’s which is the worlds most produced two seat civilian aircraft and is an ideal training aircraft.



The full course cost for the PPL is ‘pay as you go’ but equates to £9230.00 at current prices.

- 45 hours aircraft hire (45*160 pounds per hour) £7200.00

- 45 hours flying instructor (45*35 pounds per hour) £1575.00

- 9 written exams (9*45 pounds each) £405.00

- 12 months membership £50.00

Please note there are no additional charges for landing fees or touch and go fees as part of this course.

Prices quoted do not include any additional flying hours or exam resits if required. Neither do they cover any costs for any books, maps, headset, aviator sunglasses, medical etc.

Practical examinations are not covered and the cost for those is as follow follows

Radio Telephony Licence

The PPL can be issued without an RT Licence but it is highly recommended to obtain one. York Flying School run monthly two day RT practical courses and this is 300 pounds including test.

Skills test:

Following completion of the PPL course a flight test covering all skills gained during training, including navigation and general handling has to be passed. The cost for this skill test is 520 pounds.


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