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MICKEY KAYE CPL, SEP, MEP, TMG, Microlight, IMC, FI, IRI, Flight Examiner (SEP, TMG, Microlight)

Mickey obtained his PPL and IMC rating at East Midlands Airport in the early nineties. He then completed his Commercial Pilot's Licence at the now defunct G&B Aviation at Coventry. 

He relocated to the York area in 2007 and was instrumental in the setting up of York Flying School at Breighton aerodrome.

m18 dromader.jpg

STUART GARTON PPL, SEP, Microlight, IMC, CRI, FI, Aerobatic Instructor, Ground Examiner, Revalidation Examiner, Radio Telephony Examiner & FAA CPL

Stuart joined YFS in the summer of 2019 and has extensive microlight experience. He works part time at York Flying School and spends the rest of the time crop spraying in North America in the truly enormous  PZL-Mielec M-18 Dromader



Eon started his career instructing before moving onto crop dusting. After having more scrapes than he cares to remember he got his first taste of airline flying with  Skyways Coach Air on the DC3.


Later he went on to fly the Viscount, SD360, F27, DC9, Fokker 70/100, 737 and A320 series. 


Forever disappointed with the roll rate of the Airbus he is now back in his element and instructs at York Flying School three days a week.


HARRY ROBINSON PPL, SEP, IMC, FI, Night, Tailwheel, Microlight

Harry Joined YFS late summer 2018 as a part time LAPL/ PPL FI, he completed his PPL back in 2015 then went onto achieve extra ratings such as IMC and FI and Night, passed his 13 ATPL Theoretical Exams and now he’s currently in the process of training towards his CPL, MEIR for a career as a commercial pilot in the aviation industry.


NICK LEE ATPL, SEP, MEP, FI, IRI, Aerobatic, Night, Tailwheel, Microlight, DA (Display Authorisation)

Nick joined the RAF and was trained on the Jet Provost, Gnat and Hunter before tours on the Nimrod and as an instructor back on the Jet Provost at RAF Church Fenton (Leeds East). Nick left the RAF in 1989 and has been flying B747 of one type or another ever since - now part time on the B747-8F with a Japanese cargo company. Nick is a fan of vintage taildraggers and owns and displays a Miles Messenger as well as flying some of the collection of vintage aircraft at Breighton. Nick has recently returned to instructing and is currently able to instruct PPL, LAPL, IMC, IR, Tailwheel and Microlight.

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