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Aircraft Hire 

(including VAT, Per Hobbs hour or part of)

Cessna 150                           £115 Wet

Cessna 150 (Tailwheel)        £115 Wet (Sorry dual only at present) 

Piper PA28-161 Warrior        £150 Wet 

EV-97 Eurostar                      £90 Wet

Frasca 142 Simulator            £25.00

Instructor Fees

£30.00 per hobbs hour (LAPL, PPL, NPPL, Microlight, Tailwheel, Aerobatic, Night, IMC, Simulator)

£50.00 per hobbs hour (Competency Based IR)

£60.00 per hobbs hour (FAA BFR)

No charge for pre and post flight briefings

Ground Exams

£30.00 per exam

Membership Fees

It is currently free to join York Flying School. However anyone who wants to self hire or fly solo has to be a full flying member of The Real Aeroplane Company who run Breighton Aerodrome. This is excellent value for money (currently £95.00 per annum) as it gives free reciprocal landings at numerous other airfields