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Tailwheel Training

The training requires approximately of 5 hours flying time.


Before beginning the course, the applicant must hold a minimum:

- Medical Certificate appropriate to the licence held


- SEP (land) Class Rating or SSEA (as applicable)

The training can be undertaken in our Escapade or our De Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth.


The full course cost for the Tailwheel endorsement is ‘pay as you go’ but equates to £975.00 in the Escapade or 1575.00 in the Tiger Moth.

- 5 hours aircraft hire (5*135 pounds per hour) £675.00

- 5 hours flying instructor (5*50 pounds per hour) £250.00

- 12 months membership £50.00

Please note there are no additional charges for landing fees or touch and go fees as part of this course.

Prices quoted do not include any additional flying hours if required. Neither do they cover any costs for any books or other accessories.


There are no formal skills tests on completion of the course.

The Tailwheel Endorsement allows a pilot to fly SEP tail wheel aeroplanes as PIC

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